Danielle Hall embodies a movement for inner awareness and empowerment through sound experiences.  As a Sound Practitioner, Sound Healing Teacher, Wellness Coach, and Reiki Master, Danielle is shifting perspectives around empowerment while leading a team of trained sound practitioners to elevate the sound healing industry, while serving the mental health and wellness of our communities.

With nearly a decade of experience in the field, Danielle has worked with adults and children transitioning through various traumas including PTSD, depression, sexual abuse, digestive issues, and physical pain, using specific sound tools and techniques to facilitate shifts in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

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Modern Mystic is the one “shop” resource that we’ll provide… and for good reason! Modern Mystic Shop is a family-owned resource for intentionally made, small batch metaphysical goods. The store carefully curates each crystal, candle, and deck to ensure they bring high vibe magic into your sacred space.

Walk-in readings and tarot readings by appointments will help you gain clarity and insight while the expert staff will happily consult you about what products best suits your needs.

MODERN MYSTIC // 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30308 Located inside of Ponce City Market on the 2nd floor above the food hall.

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Visionary Healing // 659 Auburn Ave, Unit 130, Atlanta, GA 30312

DRYFT floatation therapy — Floatation tanks are a powerful tool to achieve maximum benefits to your state of being in a short period of time. READ MORE.

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JANET RAFTIS // 1145 Zonolite Road, Suite #7
Atlanta, 30306

Janet uses a combination of Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Matrix Energetics as a means of both facilitating your healing journey and connecting you to your higher guidance.

Janet is able to psychically understand what Spirit wishes to reveal to her clients and as a result, she has created a type of healing that is led by her intuition while giving a personalized experience to each individual’s unique needs. 

Janet is able to lovingly hold each client in a safe space so that deep transformation is able to take place.

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Jessica Elizondo // 601 Woodlawn Drive NE, Marietta, GA 30067

Jessica Lorin Tate (Elizondo) is a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) and has also been certified through Applied Nutritional Analysis. She takes a holistic approach to serve the body in its innate processes, working alongside natural physiology. She utilizes functional nutrition and whole foods to correct nutritional deficiencies at a cellular level and teaches others how to eat for optimal health. She works one-on-one with clients both in the office and remotely. For other services Jessica offers, click here.

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Vaughn is one of the most powerful presenters that intentionally Gray has had the pleasure of hosting. Through her breath work experience, we watched layers of emotional baggage rolled off of participants. Vaughn hosts two breath work meet ups per month or you can schedule a 1:1 healing session with her, virtually.

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JENN STRECK // 24 Waddell Street, NE Atlanta, GA 30344

A studio dedicated to wellness and healing initiatives, in this space you will find experts in…

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Dani Dillard is an energy transformation coach, Akashic channeler and reiki master. She helps her clients both 1:1 and in group courses or retreat settings strip away the old, damaging programming and leads them into the limitless potential of the Divine.

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Tallia Deljou is a positive psychology expert and career coach who helps women develop the skills and mindset to elevate their life paths with clarity and confidence. As an international speaker, she has shared her insights on how to create and manifest a meaningful life alongside the likes of Deepak Chopra, Jen Sincero and Adam Grant. She’s had the privilege of speaking to a wide variety of audiences, including Mailchimp, General Assembly, Spanx + Alice’s Table Elevate Conference, Michigan’s Ross School of Business, Georgia Tech Women’s Leadership Conference, and more. She uses her experience in the positive psychology and coaching fields to help women cultivate the courage to stop playing small and start showing up more fully in their work and life through her podcast, Sincerely, Me, and a year-long women’s circle.

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Indira is intentionally Gray founder Lillian’s best friend and soul mate. They’ve experienced over a decade of sharing healing methods with one another and Lillian is so excited to formally introduce Indira to the intentionally Gray community. Indira’s extensive experience in architecture and design took a Spiritual turn when she received attunements in Reiki I & II in 2019. Combining years of experience as an interior designer with her innate Spiritual gifts, Indira offers

  • interior architect

  • deep personal healing through Reiki

  • home styling

  • spacial healing

  • chandelier and lighting design

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