what we do

Our mission

Our mission is to provide creative tools to coach you into who you want to be, enabling you to do what it is you are meant to do. We believe that effectiveness in doing stems from wholeness of being. We exist to support this journey for both men and women.

Our practice

Through intentionally Gray workshops and one-on-one coaching packages, you will learn to enroll in your own practice of self-inquiry.

Our workshops

We partner with personal development gurus, wellness practitioners, speakers, authors and innovators to curate creative, invigorating and interactive workshops that involve movementmindfulness and motivation.

Our participants enter these experiences with a commitment to developing their goals, exploring their fears and setbacks and responding to tough questions. They leave feeling clear, optimistic and grounded.

Our audience

You… are wondering how to connect with your Higher Self
You… live in auto-pilot and are looking for a chance to reignite passion in your life
You… are struggling in a relationship or to be in a relationship
You... have not devoted intention to reaching your goals, in your career or otherwise


You… are serious about getting vulnerable
You... are curious about your purpose
You... are hungry for personal development and
You... are committed to discovering fulfillment, within

Lillian pours a fiery passion into everything she touches. She lives to infuse courage into those working toward living in authenticity.
— Jane, attendee of multiple workshops