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Recognizing the power of self-inquiry, Lillian Gray Charles established intentionally Gray in July 2018 to lead both men and women through various exercises promoting personal development. Each curated workshop is rooted in an intentionally Gray theme that leads individuals to reclaim dignity, restore love of Self and lean into personal truths.

Her original brand, Style Therapy,  has empowered women, on an individual basis, to live in authenticity (and dress spectacularly!) since 2011.

Lillian has been recognized by the City of Atlanta as one of eleven of the city's top thought leaders and creative influencers and has served as a lululemon ambassador since February 2018. As a speaker, Lillian has presented to audiences such as Delta Airlines, Junior League of Atlanta, General Electric, Barry's Bootcamp, Bumble Bizz, ATL Leaders at General Assembly, and more. She has been featured in Women @ Forbes, The Sun News, Jezebel Magazine and CNN's Making It In America

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GRAY IS the space between

Too often we jump from title to title in order to quickly land on a particular definition of Self.  Too often we rely on others to tell us who we are, largely based on what we do. Too often we accept others' truths about us to avoid the work of creating our own identity.

intentionally Gray workshops help individuals to explore the Heart Space so that we may define ourselves in an authentic and loving manner.


intentionally Gray workshops are a collaborative effort.

We draw together experts in meditation, movement, manifestation and motivation to deliver the best of what is available in each field.