LOYALTY workshop Recap



Thank you so much for showing up for the very first intentionally Gray workshop. 


Lo Myrick  | @lomyrick

Trey Humphreys |  @furbustrey

Maestro Riko  | @iammaestroriko

Austin Charles |  @austincharles08

Kate Atwood | @kate_atwood

LEAN IN. connect. grow.

I am eternally grateful to the creator of intentionally Gray for creating a space in these clouds to breathe, assess and reconnect to the original intent and vision for this community. I walked away with a new core value... aspirational as it may be... I’m inviting in the idea of EASE. I invite in ease, joy, lightness to my way of being. So that I can continue to connect, support and celebrate these incredible yoga communities across the South. I am so lucky to be able to do this work- I hope that ease and joy will overflow to everyone who crosses my path in this transformative journey of yoga.
— Jessica Murphy, dirty south yoga fest
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This experience was so Soul nourishing and energizing. Thank you for creating something our world needs.
— Bella Sides
Today I sure as hell confirmed what I need to let go of. And made the move right after I left. (The workshop environment) did that for me. I felt so whole + special in my gift to the world. Through everyone’s words I learned my true core values and what was hindering me from being loyal to myself. I didn’t even have time during the event to document my experience completely because I was so immersed in it. I am confident that I am going to the top of where I see my energy leading me and I’m telling everyone who was there for me to guide me on that path.
— Umama Kibria, SASS BRANDS

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